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What is Technical Anaysis: a fact or meth?

technical chart How big is the FOREX Market?

The Forex market has an average daily volume of $1.5 trillion per day, making it 150 times larger than the New York Stock Exchange!
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The Forex market differs from other financial markets in that it has no central location or exchange. It is instead a global electronic network of banks and traders that trade one currency for another in every major financial center in the world. The result is a 24/hour a day market!

The Forex Market is the Newest Market in the World

If you are familiar with the Forex Market, you're likely to have heard of the huge profit potential it holds. If you haven't even heard of Forex, this is probably due in part to Forex being a relatively new market, created in 1978 when the entire world adopted a free floating currency exchange rate between all of the currencies in the world, making it possible to trade and speculate on their changing values.

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"Do not attempt to trade currency margin until you receive the education and training to become a successful trader. There is substantial earnings to be made in the foreign currency market, but trading in the Forex is for the well-informed"